Should you fit winter tyres or not ?


There is a definite advantage to fitting winter, snow or all season tyres to your vehicle for the winter months


1. You will notice much better traction and braking in the snow,wet and wintry conditions resulting in less skidding better handling and shorter braking distances.


2. More confident driving and less time stopped with the wheels spinning and not getting anywhere.


3. Shorter braking distances, allowing a greater margin of safety in challenging winter conditions.


It should be remembered that you still need to drive safely, allow more time and leave plenty of space at all times especially during the winter months, winter or all season tyres will however give you a greater safety margin in these conditions


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Winter,Snow and All Season tyres have different compounds and tread block patterns including thousands of 'sipes' which are small channels cut into the tyre ensuring rapid water clearance  in wet weather. These small openings also bite into snow, meaning more grip and traction (a normal tyre pattern quickly becomes clogged in these conditions) in addition,due to the compounds making them more supple,they give higher adhesion levels in lower temperature conditions for optimum performance and safety during the winter season

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'Sipes' on a snow winter tyre at J C Motor Services Ltd in the High Peak SK22 3EX
 Just a reminder of the High Peak road conditions in the winter season in case you had forgotten !!!